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o have someone in your life, who makes you feel special and different from any other. Who instead of you being ordinary makes you feel extraordinary. This all can be felt only being in love. Love is something which cannot be on conditions at all. It all starts with simple conversations and after a point it becomes unavoidable to have conversation with that particular person.

Some people are lucky enough, that both persons feels same intensity for each another so does they decide to be together and things goes on the way they want. But not everyone is that lucky, that both feels the same and they went on to be together.

After every hit and tries there comes a stage of finally losing hope and letting things go from hands, which is actually not right thing to do. ‘Kleem’ that is a particular sound, to let someone notice you, listens you, think about you and gets attracted towards you. Sometimes at some point in life, when people doesn’t notice you, you need you make them notice you and let them give you attention, which you want.

Sometimes you have person you love but one basic necessity, that is Money is not available, how you are going to take care and responsibility of that person. Every person needs money for living, for giving comfort to there near ones and dear ones, the way water cannot be avoided, oxygen cannot be ignored and clothes cannot be and food cannot be resist from you so does money.

And how to have all these necessities when you don’t have enough money as well. To attract money towards you, you can go again go for the action, Kleem. It will help you to attract all the sources of money towards you and help you solve the issues.

Attraction Kleem Mantra is best used in the case of love  as its sound frequency is a very powerful beej that will help its power vibrations to attract love , relationships , friends , family , wealth .Kleem mantra is purely related to Goddess Mahakali.

Kleem mantra is formed with sound of 3 beej first seed is “K” where as” k “is the seeed of Goddesss Mahalaxmi  ,Second seed is”L” which is related to chakra which has the powerful red colour energy, Third seed is “E” which is related  to speed and in this their is double “EE” which means double speed, Fourth speed is “M” which is the seed of God’s Power.Kleem mantra is one of the strongest mantra and carries a lot of energy with it.


Updated: November 6, 2018 — 12:04 pm

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